4 Common Sense Tips To Keep Fashion Clothing Looking New

You have spent a good amount of money on your fashions. Now you need to keep them looking like new, for long lasting use. So what can you do to help keep your clothing new and great looking without damaging your clothing? Here are four common sense tips to keep that fashionable clothing looking like new.

Use Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangars are the best for hanging fashionable clothes. They are sturdy, solid and do not leave hangar marks on clothing. They are also longer lasting and if you need to get wooden hangers, try locating a wooden coat hangers wholesale dealer, especially if you deal in bulk garments. These coat hangers will also protect very fashionable coats and keep them looking nice without the problems of other hangers and are preferred over plastic or wire hangers for your clothing needs.

Read and Understand Your Clothing Labels

For best maintenance, read and understand your clothing labels. Certain materials are very fragile and care instructions must be followed completely. In fact, this holds true to any fashionable clothing that you would have from leather and fur to gabardine and chiffon. Improperly cleaning and maintaining your clothing will have them looking ratty as well as give you an improper fit. You spent money on that investment, now take care of it as it deserves to be taken care of.

Get Rid of Stains Before They Set

This can be a problem area for many if they do not pay attention. Get spots and stains removed before they set. There are some at home things that you can do IF your clothing is machine washable or hand washable such as utilizing dishwashing liquid, water, vinegar and ammonia ( not all together please!). The best case scenario in this point would be to take the garment to your dry cleaners and have them remove the stain, especially if the clothing is dry clean only. A set stain is very difficult to remove, so take care of it as soon as you notice it.

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping clothes looking good also requires preventative maintenance to keep it looking good. For example, if you have special occasion clothes, take them to the cleaner after the event. Stains will not show up immediately in this case, so the immediate taking of special event clothing to your cleaner allows for stains to be gotten rid of before they cause a problem. Also ask about the solvent that is used to dry clean your clothing. There is no harm in asking for your clothing to be run through clean solvent so that your clothing, especially whites will look nice and fresh.

If you follow these clothing tips, all your designer clothing and high fashion clothing will last for years of use while continuing to look good. Proper care and maintenance is the key to keeping your clothing clean while looking extraordinary. Always look your best in your clothes by taking proper care of them. You want them to look and fit well, so taking the proper care of these clothes will allow you to consistently look fashionable and like a million dollars.

Being fashionable is not hard to do, once proper care of clothing has been seen to. No matter what you enjoy wearing, keeping your clothes looking nice, fashionable and clean, with no wearing problems.

Author Bio:

Bettina von Arnim has spent years being a fashionista, so she knows all about how to take care of clothing. She also utilizes wooden coat hangers wholesale in order to keep her clothing looking like it is brand new.

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