The Benefits of All-Inclusive Wedding Deals

While wedding packages are more common with destination weddings, it is possible to find wedding packages in Atlanta.  Wedding packages are generally offered by venues that provide in-house wedding services.  These services may include catering, decorating and transportation. Why do Couples Book Wedding Packages? In the past, brides were known for planning every detail of their wedding meticulously.  As modern brides are very busy, this has changed over the years.  Some women would prefer to leave the planning up to their venue.  In many cases, getting a wedding package will save the couple money.  The main benefits of these packages are that they are affordable and easy.  Couples that book a package will only need to worry about purchasing their clothing and rings. Are Packages for Destination Weddings? A wedding package is generally associated with a tropical destination.  This is because couples sometimes elope to other countries.  Hotels and venues noticed this trend and created packages that would simplify the process of hosting a foreign wedding. Today, local venues have become aware of the value of wedding packages.  Couples now have the choice of planning their own wedding or buying a package in their home town. What Does a Wedding Package Include? The cheaper a wedding package is, the less services it is likely to include.  That being said, even the most basic packages will allow couples to have an elegant wedding.  Listed below are some common products and services included in these packages. -  A wedding venue which seats at least 20 people. -  Minister's fees for religious, civil or cultural ceremonies. -  Recorded music or a live musician. -  A photography package which allows couples to purchase the prints they like. -  A DVD of the wedding. -  Transport services to the court house when the couple is getting their marriage license.  Some packages may include transport to and from the wedding venue. -  Customized floral arrangements. -  Access to a professional wedding planner. -  Grooming services which include hair and make-up for the bride. -  Steam cleaning of the wedding dress. -  Wedding keepsakes. It is important to be aware that most packages will have a surcharge for weekend weddings.  The reason behind this is that venues are in high demand over the weekend. Although some packages include receptions, this is not common.  Couples will have to select a venue and host their own reception.  If the wedding venue has available space, consumers may be able to rent it for their reception.  Most people prefer to have their reception a few hours after their wedding.  This gives them time to take photos with the wedding party.  If the venue does not have their own caterer, consumers will have to hire a catering company. Overall, wedding packages are an excellent way to have an affordable wedding.  Instead of fretting about organizational details, brides can simply show up and and enjoy their day.  The majority of couples who choose a wedding package do not regret their decision.

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