How to flatter your figure

For many of us, shopping for underwear can be somewhat of a chore, especially when a large number of us are still unsure of our exact size. Many are simply too embarrassed to get measured, whilst others are unaware of the benefits of a well-fitted bra. Lingerie fitting A large number of the general public are actually wearing a bra that is one or two sizes too big. The truth of the matter is an ill fitting bra can make the wearer look up to five pounds heavier. One way to spot if this is you is to check if the back of your bra is riding up. Another way to check if you are wearing the wrong sized bra is to pull the strap away from your body. If there is a space of two inches between you and your bra, then you are wearing the wrong size. Measure up The right bra will not only feel comfortable, it will also appear extremely flattering. Prior to investing in a new set of underwear, you should measure both your bust and your back size. Shaping your wardrobe Our underwear has a lot to do with the way in which our outerwear looks. Attractive shaping underwear is now readily available and comes in the form of an under garment that holds the body in place – the end result, a sleek silhouette. Many buy into shape wear in order to create a certain level of contouring and as such, the feeling of both confidence and security. There are many variants of bra types to consider, including strapless styles, smooth fits and push-up bras. The versatility of this garment allows it to be worn under very tight jeans, bodycon numbers and sheer dresses without showing any VPL. Colours and styles With so many styles to choose from, it is important to invest in the wardrobe staples first. These often include black, white and nude hues as well as the option of a sports bra for any workout sessions you may have planned.

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