The Popularity of the LK Bennett Products

Most women are in love with shoes. Aside from diamonds, shoes can be considered as one of women's best friends. It is no wonder why most of them would spent thousands of dollars buying some of the most fashionable and stylish shoes in the market. These days, there are already various types of shoes that women can wear on different occasions. One of the most popular is none other than the pumps, or otherwise known as the court shoes. To know more about this type of footwear, read on. The L.K. Bennett Court Shoes When it comes to court shoes, one of the most popular footwear lines is none other than the L.K. Bennett. The LK Bennett pumps are considered to be a very durable and stylish type of shoe. The LK Bennett is recognized as a top international brand that is based in London, U.K. The brand truly reflects the modern British heritage and is established as one of the world's leading British brands. Aside from shoes, the line also produces wonderful accessories, handbags, and clothes. The line is owned by none other than Ms. Linda Kristin Bennett. Bennett is an English and Icelandic entrepreneur and clothing designer. She grew up in North London and studied at Haberdasher's Aske's School for Girls. Because of Bennett's skills and talent as a business woman and in making clothes and other accessories, she became the recipient of countless awards. These include the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2002, the Best Women's Footwear Retailer in 2003, and the Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year just to mention and few. The first store of L.K. Bennett was established in Wimbledon Village. Linda Kristin was named as the Queen of the Kitten Heel since she was able to provide an equal emphasis on glamour and comfort with her designs and products. Nowadays, her stores are located in all corners of the globe including countries like the U.S., Spain, United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands. The Classic Sledge Patent Leather Platform Court Shoe One of the most popular court shoes under LK Bennett is the sledge patent platform court shoes that is made purely of leather. This remarkable footwear is described as a sleek and versatile platform product that is built using a modern and gloss patent leather. This classy footwear exhibits a very feminine topline that has enough amount of toe cleavage. The shoes also have a built-in comfort factor that ensures the wearer to feel comfortable while using the pumps. Because of the versatile look of the footwear, it is easy for women to wear the shoes at work and immediately use it for dinner or party afterwards. It is no wonder why this unique and extraordinary sledge is worn by a lot of famous women and celebrities across the globe. The products from L.K. Bennett can be bought directly from the store or they can also be ordered online. These days, there are already a lot of online websites that sell authentic and brand new Bennett shoes that women will surely love to buy. This takes away the hassle of going out just to purchase the perfect sledge shoes.

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