How to Help Prevent and Remove Stretch Marks from Your Skin

When the weight fluctuates quickly, whether you gain it because you are pregnant or lose weight over a space of a few months, you will likely gain stretch marks. These happen when the middle layers of the skin tear and leave red/purple marks. The most common areas to get these marks are the chest, stomach, thighs and buttocks. It is possible to prevent them and you can help them fade or go away quickly with these tips.


  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: the body needs water. The skin uses the water to keep its elasticity, which will help to prevent the middle layers of the skin tearing. You should drink plenty of fluids to help keep your body hydrated. You can also help to keep the skin hydrated by using moisturizing creams and cocoa butter.

  • Massage Your Skin: when applying the moisturizing creams, massage them into your skin. This will help to work the creams into the middle layers and prevent the tearing. The massaging will also help to improve the blood flow, which will also help to reduce the risk of the skin tearing and the marks appearing. If you already have the scars, massaging will help with repairing the damage and help the scars fade.

  • Use Natural Products to Help Reduce the Scars: if you already have the stretch marks, you will want to find ways to remove them. There are a number of natural products that will help with this process – they also help with removing acne scars! Try out tomato juice, lemon juice or even egg whites on the marks. They will help to add moisture while also changing the pigmentation of the skin, which reduces the coloring of the marks and will help hide them. Egg whites are also full of amino acids while helps with repairing the skin cells and promoting news ones to form properly.

  • Stretch Mark Creams: There are a number of stretch mark creams available on the market. These help to add moisture to the skin and remove the coloring of the marks. These can be expensive though and moisturizing creams can work just as well. Look for creams that use cocoa butter, which is linked to helping reduce and prevent stretch marks.

  • Laser surgery: if you have tried everything else and the stretch marks have not disappeared, you may want to consider laser surgery. This is expensive though and does have side effects. There are other invasive methods that can be used but, again, there are side effects. Talk to a professional before you opt for any of these routes to remove your stretch marks; sometimes it is worth just waiting for them to turn silver!

If you gain weight or lose it very quickly, you will usually end up with stretch marks. The skin is elastic but can only do so much. Keeping it moisturized will help prevent stretch marks from occurring and you should massage them into the skin. Once you have them, you will need to reduce the coloring and there are many natural methods to do that.

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