Summer in Hollywood: 7 Celebs and Their Flip Flop Outfits

Love them or loathe them, but it doesn’t look like flip flops are going anywhere – at least not for the summer 2013 season. Sure, they might not be appropriate to wear to formal events, but what’s wrong with going cute, casual, and comfortable for a day out shopping, a day-trip to the beach, or just a hangout with your BFFs? Absolutely nothing, and it’s not just us saying it, but it’s also some of the hour’s hottest stars. Now, if they don’t know style either, we don’t know who does. If you’ve been wondering how to sport your favorite pair this summer, take a few tips from these 7 celebs who have been recently spotted donning summer’s favorite type of footwear.
  1. Victoria Beckham
Posh is effortlessly posh, even when her fashion choices are less than impressive. We recently saw Mrs. Beckham make her way through the crowds in regular cut jeans, a blazer (admittedly high-end), a simple (yet elegant) black bag and a black crop top. For all we know, she looked like your regular teenage girl these days – unless, of course, you factor in the price tags on those clothes…
  1. Anne Hathaway
She may not be everybody’s darling these days, but Anne Hathaway sure knows a thing or two about traveling comfortably. She was seen coming out of an airport recently, in one of the most simple and sweet outfits we’ve seen on a celebrity in years. Regular cut jeans with a wide striped top, a red accent scarf – and, of course, the flip flops. Way to chill, Anne!
  1. Jessica Alba
Yes, being exceptionally hot does help, when you’re deciding what to wear. It sure helped Jessica Alba, who recently decided to step outside in one of the simplest, most casual outfits we’ve seen on an A-lister recently. She paired an oversized grey halter top with a trucker hat and black jeans cut off at the knees. Add a pair of flip flops and a massive tote in brown leather, and Jess was good to go!
  1. Rachel Bilson
This cutie can wear just about anything and still look casually fabulous. She was recently spotted taking a walk in oversized sunglasses, flip flops, her hair tied back in a simple pony tail and a gorgeous loose dress, which some have surmised is a Chloe number. This sure is one way to make flip flops look feminine and cute.
  1. Angelina Jolie
Whenever she’s not rocking the latest designer couture on the red carpet, mother of many and wife of Brad Angelina Jolie is well-known for her low-key approach to fashion. In fact, we’d be hard-pressed to remember when the last time we saw Angelina wearing anything other than black was. And for her flip flop outfit, she also chose all-black, but at least the footwear added a touch of casual to her get-up. Hair down, sunglasses on, black long-sleeve and denim, Angelina strode through the airport with her son Maddox in flip flops.
  1. Pamela Anderson
She may have dropped off the celebrity radar in recent years, but Pam is still photographed whenever she makes an appearance. The Malibu babe rocked cut-off denim shorts, flip flops and a peasant blouse, all paired with her signature blond mane and a pair of oversized sunglasses. She looked happy, down-to-earth, and calmer than ever.
  1. Eva Mendes
Curvier than ever, yet still sizzling hot, Eva Mendes recently stepped out in a feminine mid-sleeve dress with a very summery, relaxed vibe to it. She paired the full-yellow ensemble with over-sized sunglasses and literally let her hair down. And that’s exactly what her outfit, complete with fashion flip flops, communicated about her vibe. This post was written by miss rose and she likes Milanoo on facebook

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