This year's stunning fashion and jewellery trends

Clothing and jewellery trends tend to be hugely influenced by the red carpet, celebrities and the runway. Top looks for a season are often based on what's appeared in any of these 3 spheres. The latest trends incorporate elegance and glamour and this is reflected in jewellery and clothing styles. Fashionable colours: According to Pantone, Emerald is the colour of the year and also the preferred stone for womens jewellery. It is being widely used across a range of fashion collections and the stone has been used to adorn celebrities at many of this year's big events. Ideal for both pale and dark skins, emeralds can be used to great effect in earrings, bracelets or rings and contrast equally well against gold or silver settings. Colour blocking has been a big trend too and emeralds are the perfect green to contrast with an orange or blue garment. Emerald green in clothing is also incredibly popular and can be used as a solid colour, or broken up by either colour blocking or trendy Asian motifs that have made themselves fashionable once again. Jewellery trends tend to compliment the clothes of a season and with black and white also being big once again the monochromatic look with a splash of colour suits emeralds perfectly. A statement stone, the emerald is also conflict free and devoid of any political or wartime connotations, making it the ideal symbol for peace. Subtle styles: On the opposite end of the spectrum to colour blocking is the elegance of the peplum dress or top. The peplum has been a huge hit in Hollywood, on runways and in stores around the world and the more understated look suits all figures. To complement this stylish dress, subtle drop earrings have made a comeback in womens jewellery. Making a slightly bigger statement than last year's studs, drop earrings in pearl colours co-ordinate beautifully with the romantic flouncy effect of the peplum. Vintage is also a big buzzword in fashion, both in clothing and in jewellery and many pieces from the 1930s, 40s and 50s have made an appearance recently. Reproductions of costume jewellery pieces are popular and Swarovski's new range includes elements of a vintage era. There is a large focus on casual couture and natural materials too and bronze, wood and brass are often used in jewellery to reflect this relaxed and casual approach. Amber is also a popular natural material for jewellery and it complements the more earthy colours and pinks that are fashionable at the moment. It is clear that just as fashions change every season, so do womens jewellery trends. Designers, celebrities and media may influence the majority of fashion but the economy also has a great influence. If there is a recession or a boom you will note fashion trends change and jewellery trends change with them, reflecting the economies of the time. Jessica Range is a professional stylist and blog contributor. She writes extensively for online fashion publications and is a regular at both the London and Paris Fashion week. If you are interested in fashion and annual shows Jessica is the right person to ask, or to know more visit this site and get an in depth idea of the years events.

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